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  • Pointes

    Brand : Sansha Model: Saint Petersburg Worldwide shipping We have...

    30,00 €
  • Sansha Ballet pointes
    Sansha Ballet pointes

    Brand: Sansha Model: Lyrica Worldwide Shipping We have WhatsApp and...

    30,00 €
  • Ballet pointe shoe
    Ballet pointe shoe

    Sansha Brand Model: legend 609 Worldwide Shipping we have WhatsApp and...

    35,00 €
  • Recital ballet Pointe
    Recital ballet Pointe

    Ideal initiation Brand: Sansha Model: Recital Worldwide Shipping We have...

    30,00 €
  • Grishko slipper
    Grishko slipper

    Russian slipper Split sole canvas Worldwide Shipping We have WhatsApp...

    11,50 €
  • Dance jumpsuit footless
    Dance jumpsuit footless

    footless dance jumpsuit Brand: Sansha VELIKO D118C We make shipments We...

    24,00 €
  • Children's tights with skirt
    Children's tights with skirt

    Slim-waist leotard with skirt Brand: Sansha SAVANAH Y1558C We make...

    0,00 €
  • Girls Camisole Leotard
    Girls Camisole Leotard

    Ballet leotard with crossed straps Brand: Sansha STEFANI Y1559C We make...

    15,00 €

Soft shoe ballet on canvas and split sole.

The ballet slipper on canvas ideal for when you spend time in Ballet.

The split sole for when the instep has already been worked

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  • Salmon
  • Blacks

    The classical ballet soft shoe in canvas and split sole.

    The only difference is the color for specific variations or simply because you like black

  • White