- We meet all needs, whether individual or in a group.

-  You can give us the sketches or sketches you need or ask us to design them for you.  

- If it is the latter case, we will first give you an estimate on the design requested by you.

- We ask for some basic measures to establish the necessary size.

      (Without fail, thanks to our extensive experience and our exclusive system)

- We select the most appropriate fabrics that we include in our budgets for the best execution of the sketch, always respecting: colors, etc. requested.

- Aplausos never performs tests given his successful patronage. Always taking responsibility for our work.  

- A designer specialized in shows can be contacted through: Videoconference to treat all the details of the requested articles.

- We also have our mail for shipments of same and Whatsapp service.

Note: Do not hesitate to consult whatever your artistic project or personal illusion