Aplausos is born in 1.990 by the passion of a woman who loves theater, ballet and performing arts.

 In 1995 we designed and made the costume for the Miss Las Palmas contest valid for the Miss Spain Contest, at that time produced by Telecinco (spanish TV) who chose us as tailoring to make all the dresses

Applausos was responsible for the tailoring of TVE ( spanish national TV) in the Canary Islands, under the direction of D. Epifanio for which we carry out fashion programs, haute couture passes by the end of the year.

And also was responsible for the tailoring of Prado del Rey on the Gran Canaria Scale program "Veo Veo". Guests of Honor Paco Rabal and the wonderful actress Asunción Balaguer.

Aplausos has worked for Festivals, Ballet, Friends of the Zarzuela, several Town halls, etc. Making costumes as disparate as, the Salem Witches, folk festivals, skating and a long etc.

Until 1997, where we became part of the professional team that was selected to make the first professional Carnivals where all the costumes were designed and made.

The First Fair of the Children and Youth of the Palmas de G.C. Entrusts us to give life to the Logo of the same to Promote it in the streets of the city.

With a long and consolidated professional career, Aplausos is contracted by the Congress of Physicians that was held in the South of the Island for the presentation of the fourth Anniversary of Viagra, to perform the mascot of the same.

In 2006, commissioned by the Elder Museum and in collaboration with the Casa Museo Tomás Morales, the costumes for the short film about the life of the Poet were designed and made for the dome of the Museum and first screened in New York for homage and diffusion of The Author's Work.

In recent years we have increased the mode of Manga and Comic public extremely demanding since they are often adepts to their series and games. This has made us re-document everything that surrounds this complex but infinite world of possibilities, and that the Market grows every day.

Aplausos has a long trajectory difficult to summarize increased with many awards granted to our customers thanks to our quality.

We know the importance "The curtain must be raised" in all its terms so that we will always find you by your side.

And since a picture is worth more than a word, follow our videos

The Aplausos team